Dr. Sataki
I have trained for 8 years in Shorin Ryu and 34 years in Goju Ryu. There are 8 organizations in Goju Ryu & Goju Kai. I was a member of 8 organizations. Many of these organizations cheated me out of money and wasted my time. They did not treat me with respect. For 18 years I trained with a Japanese Goju Ryu organization, I paid them a considerable amount of money. They gave me 4 Dan and 5 Dan by the fake signature of Jun Do Kan Miyazato Eiichi. I returned to Okinawa in 1991, I met with Miyazato Eiichi 3 times. I showed him the 4 Dan and 5 Dan diplomas and he said that those were not his signature but a stamp. He adviced me to sue. I cannot sue. I am half Japanese, due to my cultural beliefs I am not that type of person to sue.
In 1992 I became a member of Shodo Seiko Higa's organization. I am a direct student of Seikichi Higa. From the time I joined his organization up to the time of his death I enjoyed being a member of his organization. I learned real kata and bunkai. He treated me with respect and as a member of his family.
I forgot about my bad experience with the martial arts. Everything I learned before I joined Seikchi Higa's organization was not real Kata and Bunkai. Real Kata and Bunkai is not kicking and punching like in the movies. My philosophy includes real Kata and Bunkai. On May 13, 1990 Higa Sensei passed away, I felt very sorry that I could not go to Okinawa for his funeral; I could not leave the US because I did not have a resident permit. Had I left I would not be allowed back into the US. I was very sad. I lost a great teacher and father figure.

In 2002 I returned to Okinawa I saw Higa Sensei's Honbu Dojo was closed and I found one of his members was given the responsibility for Higa Sensei's organization. Every month they trained only one hour together. The man who is now the leader of Higa Sensei organization is impolite, uneducated, low class, and very jealous. I saw that the kata changed. The organization is very fragmented.

After seeing this I returned to Jun Do Kan. I saw that after Miyazato Sensei passed away in December 1990 his organization that was one of the largest in the world, fragmented into 4 or 5 organizations. I watched the training and the students did not know Bunkai.
Then I returned to the US and I searched for another 2 1/2 years. During that time I went to Okinawa 3 times. I found that the real, original Karate-do Kobudo Center was in Okinawa City. In May 2004 I went to this dojo and talked to President O'Sensei Yoshio Kuba. I returned to the US. In May 2005 I returned to Okinawa, I visited the dojo 3 times in the evening. I trained with O'Sensei Kuba. I did not want to make another mistake. He is a very educated man who has earned two Diplomas from Universities. He speaks English fluently. He is very different from the many teachers I have seen. He is very polite and gentle. Most importantly he is a family man. I returned to the US. In September 2005 I returned to his dojo. For 3 weeks 8 hours a day I trained at his dojo.

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